1. Kitesurfing in paradise: Discover Aruba’s blues with us, kitesurfing is the best way to enjoy and explore Aruba as the kitesurfing paradise it is. Imagine learning to Kitesurf in shallow crystal clear blue waters, what a dream!
  2. Warm temperatures and windy all year-round: The average temperature in Aruba is between 29-31 degrees Celsius (around 85 Fahrenheit) all year round, and the water temperature around 27-29 degrees Celsius (around 84 Fahrenheit) so no wetsuits needed in paradise. Even though, the temperatures are high through out the whole year there are trade winds blowing constantly. 
  3. Experienced instructors: our team consists out of worldwide dynamic instructors with years of kitesurfing experience. Our primary goal is to teach kitesurfing in a fun and safe way and share our passion for this sport to the world. Furthermore, our team is also multi-lingual, we can teach in English, Spanish, Dutch,  and Papiamento. 
  4. Because it’s fun: maybe the most important reason of all. Surfing over the water, the sense of achievement, and good vibes on the water. 
  5. Make new friends: through kitesurfing you will make a lot of friends, not only with your instructor but also with other people taking classes. WakeUpStoked stated that by doing the same sport you get to know the locals way faster and easier get in touch with them. Make unforgettable experiences and dive into the local culture! 
  6. Stay fit while on vacation!: Kitesurfing can be used as a way to stay healthy and exercise while on vacation. A lot of clients state that it really is a full body workout and that they enjoy their happy hour drinks way more after working for it by kitesurfing. 
  7. Connect to nature: The ocean is your playground! The wind will be your best ally and the water your greatest support, so just know how to respect them. Kiteboarding among turtles, and fishes but also breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear waters. 
  8. Kitesurfing as a form of meditation: We all know we should practice more mindfulness, be more in the moment, meditate in order to calm down and get more from life. It’s so easy to say but so hard to follow. The good thing about kitesurfing is that you HAVE TO be mindful and in the moment because you have so many elements to consider, even if you are an experienced kitesurfer. Kitesurfing can be seen as active meditation. 
  9. Kitesurfing is addicting: Watch out! Before you know it you will be falling deeply in love with this sport and the feeling it gives you and will already be planning your next trip back to Aruba!
  10. Good vibes: kitesurfing is believed to be an instant mood booster, live happier when kitesurfing, especially when you’re kitesurfing in paradise.

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