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The best kitesurfing school in Aruba

Our mission is to share our love for kitesurfing by teaching it with the worlD!

Aruba Kitesurfing School is located at the Fishermen’s Huts in Aruba.  With trade winds blowing all year round,  shallow warm turquoise waters, and beautiful white sandy beaches, Aruba is a paradise for any wind or water sport.  An ideal destination to learn how to kitesurf while enjoying paradise.

Aruba Kitesurfing School was founded in 2004 by local shredder Lysander.  He is one of the first kitesurfers on the island and has over 30 years of experience with surfing and kitesurfing. The kitesurfing school is owned and operated by the Loefstok Family together and a team of highly experienced instructors from all over the world which enables us to teach kitesurfing in different languages.  Our team is passionate about sharing their love for the sport by sharing and teaching it to others. The school is powered by the latest and best kitesurfing equipment which speeds up your learning process.

Since kitesurfing is an extreme sport, safety is our priority. Aruba Kitesurfing School teaches kitesurfing in a proper, safe and fun environment. Our instructors have years of experience and knowledge.

The Fishermen’s Huts beach offers a great venue for safe learning and with 17+ years of experience teaching, Aruba Kitesurfing School is one of the best spots to get into kitesurfing.

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Best Kitesurfing School in Aruba

Our Team

Carlos Sojo


Lysander Loefstok

Instructor / Owner

Oskar tribel


Zoë Loefstok


Clients About Us

One of a kind experience!
I’ve visited here multiple times with friends and family over the years. Always a great experience, amazing people, top notch instructors, and a chill vibe!


Learned in no time how to kite got great teachers super friendly and helpful and got me going like a pro!


So much fun!!
It was my first time! And I had 4 great classes and loved the vibe at the beach hut! They where very social and gave me good advice! They are super strict with saftey and that was important for me and a sign that thy know what they are doing! Also their gear is super new comparing to other huts on the beach! Would deff come back here


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