What is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is an exhilarating water sport that combines elements of surfing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding. The participant, known as a kitesurfer or kiteboarder wears a harness around their waist which is connected to a kite bar which controls the kite to propel the power out of the wind and ride across the water with a board. Caution: Kitesurfing is highly addicting!!!!

Our Courses

/2 Hours
Group Lessons
Group lessons are only available if you form a group 2-3 people with your family/friend/partner where you share the kite with 1 instructor.

Single Lesson:  $130 per person for 2hrs

Package (4 lessons / 8 hours) $450 per person by taking the package you get an $70 discount.

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/2 Hours
Wing Foiling Lesson
Wing foiling is the latest in board sports that involves handling a two-handed wing with a hydrofoil board
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/2 Hours
Private LEssons

This is a one-on-one lesson with the instructor.

Single Lesson: $190 for 2hrs

Package (4 lessons / 8 hours) $720, by taking the package you get an $40 discount.

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/1 Hour
Paddle Board Rental
We also rent paddle boards by the hour.
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/2 Hours
Hydrofoil Kiteboarding Lesson
For advanced riders who know how to want learn a new discipline within kitesurfing with more action.

Requirements: good kite control and experience with directional boards

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General information about the lessons:

We offer both private (1-1) and group (2-3 people) lessons. Each lesson has a duration of 2 hours with a certified + experienced instructor with you at all times and includes the complete gear including kite, bar, harness, leash, helmet, and water shoes.

Time slots:

We offer lessons Monday to Saturday lessons starting at 9.30 โ€“ 12.30 at 15.00 and on Sundays lessons starting at 12.00 and 15.00

Beginner PAckage:

Out of 20+ years of experience with sharing our passion for kitesurfing with the world we created the ultimate package for beginners. The Beginner Package consists of 4 lessons / 8 hours which can be split over several days. It usually takes the average person about 4 lessons to learn how to kitesurf but it all depends per person and how fast the progression goes.

This package teaches you how to Kitesurf in three simple steps:
1. Kite control: learn how to maneuver a 1 meter kite on the beach and understand the wind window and power zone.
2. Body dragging: go in the water with a bigger kite with more power, learn all about the safety and eject system, learn how to relaunch and recover the kite, learn how to generate more power with the kite; power pulls, learn how to upwind body drag to recover your board.
3. Board time: time to apply all the kite knowledge from previous lessons together with the board and start kitesurfing!

Learn how to kitesurf in 3 simple steps!

Kitesurf with us!

As an extreme sport, safety is our utmost priority. Aruba Kitesurfing School provides a safe and fun learning environment. Our instructors bring years of experience and knowledge, ensuring you learn kitesurfing skills in a proper and secure manner. Weโ€™re committed to making your kitesurfing journey enjoyable, memorable, and, above all, safe. At Aruba Kitesurfing School teaching you how to kite in safe and fun is our #1 priority.

Kitesurfing lessons classes in Aruba

Our Team

Carlos Sojo


Lysander Loefstok


Oskar tribel


Zoรซ Loefstok


Clients About Us

One of a kind experience!
Iโ€™ve visited here multiple times with friends and family over the years. Always a great experience, amazing people, top notch instructors, and a chill vibe!


Learned in no time how to kite got great teachers super friendly and helpful and got me going like a pro!


So much fun!!
It was my first time! And I had 4 great classes and loved the vibe at the beach hut! They where very social and gave me good advice! They are super strict with saftey and that was important for me and a sign that thy know what they are doing! Also their gear is super new comparing to other huts on the beach! Would deff come back here


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