Your first Kitesurfing lesson might be one of the most important ones, since you will be learning how to actually fly and control the kite. Also, the first lesson is crucial because it will determine whether you like the sport and want to continue learning it, or if it is not the right sport for you. However, in our experience, pretty much everyone gets hooked to kitesurfing after their first lesson.

So, let’s break the first Kitesurfing lesson into 5 simple steps:
Step 1: Wind and Spot
Learn the basics about the different wind directions, and how to decide if a kitesurfing spot is good for learning or not.
Step 2: Training kite
Learn how to set up a training kite on the beach, how to stir the training kite, how to generate power, and understand the area where the kite can fly (wind-window).
Step 3: Set-up
Learn to set up a real kite. This includes pumping up the kite, rolling out the lines, detangling the lines, and connecting them to the kite.
Step 4: Safety
You will learn and understand how you can de-power your kite whenever you need to. Since the real kites can get a lot of power, it is important to understand that there is always the possibility of taking all the power out of the kite, or even detaching yourself from the kite. By understanding these safety systems, you will feel way more comfortable and safe on the water.
Step 5: Time to go in the water and fly the kite!
Now, you will be going into the shallow waters (waist-deep) of Aruba, and you will learn how to fly a real kite in the water. You will learn how to relaunch your kite if it drops into the water, how to use the safety systems of your kite, how to stir the kite the right way, and how to generate more power.
Step 6: Body-dragging

Basically, you will use your kite to generate the right amount of power, and you will let your body get dragged through the water. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is!! More info about booking here!

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