Aruba has dreamy kitesurfing conditons! Trade winds blowing all year round, crystal clear warm turquoise waters, and beautiful white sandy beaches, Aruba is a paradise for any wind or water sport. Come and Kitesurfing the Trade Winds in Aruba with us!

The Wind: 

Aruba is known as the Windy Paradise among kitesurfers because the trade winds blow almost all year around,  the wind is pretty much guaranteed here! The trade wind blows ranging from 18 and 25 knots on most days, lighter wind days range from 15-20 knots and stronger wind days range between 30-35 knots. There is no such thing as “thermal winds” in Aruba because the island is small and flat which makes the wind kite-able all day long or even 24/7.

Yearly overview: 

According to WindFinder statistics the probability of the wind blowing is over 80% from December to August. And around a 60% chance of wind in September, October, and November due to the hurricane season, even though Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt the wind might still gets affected if a hurricane is passing by in the Caribbean.
The windier part of the year lasts for 9 months, from December  to September with average wind speeds of more than 18.5 miles per hour. The wind season in Aruba is well-known among kitesurfers, as it is one of the longest in the Caribbean.
The windiest months of the year in Aruba are May, June, July  with winds ranging on an average between 20-35 knots.
The calmer time of year lasts for 3 months, from September  to November  with winds ranging on an average between 10-18 knots.

The trade winds from the east produce excellent kitesurfing conditions throughout the whole year.  The island is kite-able all year around,  on lighter wind days you will still be able to kite using larger kites or hydrofoil boards.  Typical kite sizes used in Aruba range from 6 to 13 meters.

The Temperature: 

You will never have to wear a wetsuit to kitesurf in Aruba! The air temperature on the island varies between 26 to 32 degrees Celsius and the water temperature averages around 28 degrees Celsius throughout the whole year.


  • Wind direction: E
  • Average wind speed: 18.5 mph
  • Air temperature: 26 to 32 degrees Celsius
  • Average water temperature: 28 degrees Celsius
  • Sizes of kites used: between 7 to 13 meters

Come and Kitesurfing the Trade Winds in Aruba with us!

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