Kitesurfing spots in Aruba

Aruba is known as One Happy Island but among watersports lovers it’s known as One Windy Island! With the trade‑winds and warm temperatures all year round, it truly is a kitesurfing paradise. In this blog post you’ll find out everything about the kitesurfing spots on the island and how to best enjoy the kitesurfing paradise of Aruba ?

Fishermans Huts, Noord

Fishermen’s Huts or also knows as Hadicurari Beach is located on the north‑western side of the island, which is conveniently situated walking distance from the High‑Rise hotel area and all major beaches such as Palm Beach, Malmok, and Arashi Beach. This is the main hotspot for kitesurfing and wingfoiling on the island, where most kite centers are located!

The spot is ideal for learning because of its crystal‑clear, turquoise, warm and shallow waters that are often only waist‑deep until very far out on the sandbank/seaweed reef (if you are unable to ride upwind we recommend you bring water shoes). There is rarely swell at this spot, the waters are butter flat and easy to ride.

The wind direction is off‑shore, and it might be a little gusty close to shore, but constant further out. The wind is about the same the whole day, the only thing changing is the position of the sun, in the morning the sun will be to your back and later in the afternoon setting into the ocean and more in your vision.

‑ Reach out to a school for rescue services if you do not know how to ride upwind ($20 per pick‑up).
‑ Look out for ? while kitesurfing.
‑ If you are an advanced rider, we highly recommend sunset sessions. Imagine riding with the pink skies and sun setting in the ocean in‑front of you?.
‑ The vibe is great, make friends with locals on the beach!
‑ Ask about the kite safari to nearby beach, Arashi!

Boca Grandi, San Nicolas

Boca Grandi also known as Grapefield beach is located at the south‑eastern part of Aruba. We strongly recommend you rent a 4×4 car to get to this beach since the roads can be pretty bad. On the way there you are likely to meet some friendly donkeys at the side of the road, they will come up to the car to say hi but actually want to be fed apples and bananas ?.

The spot is located in a half‑moon bay with white sandy beaches, the water is deep here and usually choppy to wavy, beware of the sharp corals around where the waves are breaking. Riders use both twin‑tip and surf boards.

The wind direction is on‑shore and consistent. The spot is usually not very crowded but can be especially around sunset time when the locals come out for a session after work. This spot is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders, make sure you have a kite buddy to look out for you since there is no kitesurfing center here.

‑ Use the chops and waves as kickers to get extra air on jumps! ?️
‑ Pack your cooler with snacks + drinks since there are no shops close by the spot.
‑ Golden sunrise sessions, head over around 6am and have the whole spot for yourself!
‑ Contact us for a kite safari to Boca Grandi and a hidden gem just around there!?

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